Melody Maysee

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A Secretary's Secret: Diary Entries (Book One)

29-year-old Corey had no idea how her life would crumble when she moved away from her hometown, halfway across the United States.

She began hanging around the wrong crowd of people who had nothing but selfish intentions.

She picked up toxic, unhealthy habits that would prove hard to quit.

Her husband not only cheated on her, but fell in love with someone else.

All of this happened while she worked as a low-paid receptionist for a mid-size insurance agency.

She took the job in high hopes of rising through the ranks, learning new professional skills, bettering herself financially, and escaping an addictive lifestyle that didn't serve her.

As fate would have it, Cayden was hired six months prior.

He was also young, excited about starting a second career, all in the midst of a messy separation from his cheating wife.

Initially Corey and Cayden did not get off on the right foot.

As time goes on, she could not help but to develop strong feelings for him.

She had never fallen for anyone while being married, and she emotionally drowned while trying to cope.

She struggled being torn between hanging onto her decade long marriage, while daydreaming of a fresh start in love...

With a man she was forced to work in close quarters with.

She had no one to lean on, so she used a diary to aid her.

No one has to lie to their diary.

The truth lies strictly between her and the page.

Read all the words she dumped straight from her heavy heart and tormented soul.

All forty-eight pieces are her raw, real, unedited entries.

Poems and snippets of love, lust, fantasy, self-reflection, anger and frustration, confusion, hurt, sadness, envy, and guilt.